The Porsche 911 is regarded by a lot of sports car fans worldwide as the best sports car there is. Originally launched in September 1964, the “Neunelfer” was and still is a two door, 2+2 high performance, rear engined sports car. Although it has undergone continuous development, the basic concept has remained unchanged. The car itself has become larger (sit in a 70’s 911 and you will see what we mean), the engine larger and more powerful. The ride and interior more refined. But, the essence of the car is still the same.

However, is there one version of the Porsche 911 which people look at and say “that’s the best”?

Here we have two models which could compete for honours of the best 911, or at least in the “still affordable” section…. The 964 and the 993.

Both are air cooled which is still the era of Porsche 911 that many regard as the best. Great engine, great sound, great build quality.

Both cars have a fantastic gearbox (one 5 speed and one 6 speed) with a very similar action. Both look stunning but we can’t decide on a favourite. Can you?

The interior is very similar in both cars. In the 964 you are slightly closer to the windscreen. You can still touch with windscreen when your hands are on the wheel. The 993 feels a bit more modern. In a RHD car you are a bit more twisted due to the pedal offset being more pronounced.

Both cars are great to drive but in different ways. The 993 is slightly more refined and definitely a more capable car from a handling perspective. It is also probably a little easier to make quick progress in the 993. Both cars have great steering feel but this was never in doubt. The 964 is more physical to drive. It has heavier steering at low speed but tis lightens up as you go faster. Maybe a little more low down torque too. The 964 feels a little bit more aggressive maybe?

Realistically we are not going to come to a conclusion here. Both of the cars shown are great examples of each model. Both have had very subtle modifications to the suspension to make them (in our opinion) better to drive than factory spec. In short they are both what we call “Goose bump” cars. If you have never experienced this then you need to go and drive an air cooled Porsche 911.

A Goose bump car is the car you go for a drive in and can’t stop thinking about for days afterwards. You can’t sleep properly, you need to tell anyone who will listen about it, and most of all you want to go for another drive. Both these cars did this to me! Just when you think you prefer one, you go for a drive in the other and learn something new!

It’s like falling in love for the first time.

So, if you are looking to buy a 993 or a 964 we can’t help you decide which is best. But, we can help you find the perfect car, inspect, service, maintain and even store it for you. Ready for you to make some more “goose bump” moments of your own

The team at Modern Classics Car Club are always happy to talk cars to you. If you are looking for something special please get in touch as we can help you find the right car or, who knows we may know of one already.


The 964 shown in this article is for sale here. Trust us, it will make any bad day great again!