Our latest base is now open in the bustling sea side town of Lytham in Lancashire. We found the perfect spot, right in the centre of town literally a few steps walk from the market square. We are set up in a mews style “old school” garage on School Lane, see the map on the locations section of the website here

We do a few different things in Lytham than at Ingliston and in the south. We not only have cars available to hire but we also offer;

Car Servicing:

Need an oil change, new tyres, major service or maybe some performance upgrades? Come and see us or give us a call. We are always happy to talk things through before you book in. Also, if we are doing major work on your car why not hire one of our fleet for a couple of days? If we are servicing your car you get a discount. Click here to find out more

Car Sales:

We sell cars from Lytham too. So, if you are looking for something special, have something to sell or need a few ideas, come and have a coffee and a chat. We have a car sourcing and commission sales service which will save you some money.


As with all our bases we love people to come in and say hi. We have a small shop with t shirts, hats and other merchandise plus a coffee machine and some comfy sofas. Oh, and the fridge is always full of beer!

Our launch party is on the 17th October at 6pm but please come and say hello any time before or after that.

We’ve got lots planned for Lytham over the winter including cars & Coffee, drive outs and a few other special events so keep your eyes and ears open for more to come soon.